Details of a Basic Drum Kit

Basic Drum Kit pic
Basic Drum Kit

Ryan Snell of Chicago is a vice president of sales in the enterprise IT industry. As a sales executive, Ryan builds organizations that enable early stage companies to rapidly introduce disruptive and emerging technologies to market. In his private life, Ryan Snell loves drumming, and he plans to buy a new drum set and teach his son.

The number of drums in a kit varies, but a basic set includes the bass or kick drum, a snare drum, mounted, rack tom-toms, a floor tom, and cymbals.

The bass drum is the largest in the kit and produces a thumping sound when the drummer strikes the foot pedal. It is generally played on the first and third beats of 4/4 rock music. Most bass drums are made from wood, such as maple or mahogany.

Snare drums produce a cracking, sharp sound. Situated in the center of the drum kit, the snare is framed by a shallow, round shell, usually made of metal, such as brass or aluminum, and the drum head is tuned tightly, usually to a high C. Snares drawn across the bottom drum head provide the crisp sound. The snare drum generally provides the backbeat in rock songs.

Rack toms make a variety of tones, descending in pitch from the snare drum and varying in tone according to the diameter of the shell. They are generally mounted on the bass drum, but some are attached to a separate rack or holder instead. The floor tom is the largest tom-tom and the deepest in tone, and it comes in various sizes.

Cymbals round out a basic drum kit. They serve to add accents to the music and range in size from 6 to 30 inches.